Lapin-Canard was founded in Paris Belleville on the 1st of May 2015 and does artists’ posters.

It offers visual artists it enjoys carte blanche on a single A0 format (840 x 1188 mm). The posters are pigmented inkjet prints on 189g/m2 matt paper. They are released in affordable editions of 10 alongside 1 exhibition print and 1 artist’s proof. The prints are made on demand by Atelier Martin Garanger in Paris.

Lapin-Canard is non-lucrative and remits 60% of profits to the artist. Releases are always celebrated with music, libations and dances, in Paris or elsewhere.

You can reach Lapin-Canard per mail, on Facebook or Instagram.

Latest Show :LAPIN-CANARD release party#50 SEPTEMBER 29th 2022 at art+art galerie PARIS
with new posters by : Io Burgard, Jean-Damien Charmoille, Leo Chesneau, Mathilde Denise, Florent Frizet, Mark Geffriaud, Almudena Lobera, Nicolas Momein , Georgia René-Worms, Chloé Royer , Oriol Vilanova , Paky Vlassopoulou
Dj 16/9 (Coriolis sounds)


Posters LC000 to LC100 entered the French national collection

LAPIN-CANARD #40 – Une rétrospective, exhibition view, September 2019, Confort Moderne, Poitiers